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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is an umbrella term that is loosely applied to many different things by various web professionals, some of which have no idea about Search Engine Optimisation.

Simply put Search Engine Optimisation is the collective name for a list of actions and enhancements that can be applied to a website in order to help it to be found and listed more favourably by Search Engines e.g. Google , Yahoo or MSN.

There are a lot of conmen dotted around the internet today wanting to extract money from unsuspecting customers without doing very much work. This is because SEO Marketing is difficult to quantify, and the client rarely understands the process. There are two audiences for every website - your human visitors and the Search Engines. While your website should be aimed squarely at the human visitor, approximately 85% of your potential customers will find your website through a Search Engine. That means that you need to make your website friendly to the Search Engines as well as to your human visitors.

What is a Search engine friendly site?

Search engines index your site through the use of robots. These are computer programs that crawl their way through the internet by moving through your website and recording the text on each page for their database. A search engine friendly site is one that makes it easy for the robots to find every page that you want your customers to visit.
We are always surprised that many web design companies or free website providers do not create Search Engine friendly sites, or incorporate even the basic Search Engine Optimisation information in your website.

We understand clearly the process of creating a Search Engine friendly website and create a you a strategy and solution to potentially help improve your position. Find out more about creating a Search Engine Friendly website

How else can I improve the performance of my site ?

Your website can be further enhance by using two other techniques, 'Off Page Optimisation' and also 'Social Media Optimisation'. These two strategies can be very powerful but do take time and like all forms of Search Engine Optimisation do not always produce an immediate return on investment.
Only a short time ago many businesses and organisations did not consider additional optimisation provided a quick enough return on investment to justify undertaking the project. However with the explosion in popularity of Facebook and Twitter many companies have now felt compelled to actively work on additional areas of website optimisation.

We can help you to understand more about the benefits to your business or organisation. We can also discuss with you how to best increase the performance of your website and ultimately try to increase the number of leads or enquiries from your website.

Case study

Search Engine Optimisation - Temples Estate AgentsAn example of a project we have been involved in, would be Temples Estate Agents in Aylesbury. We were approached by the MD to undertake a Search Engine Optimisation project on their website. He gave us specific criteria by which he would assess the success of the project. One of these criteria was to be listed on page one of Google with specific search terms relevant to his business needs.

Try it for yourself

Search Google for Temples using Search One and also Search Two


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Search Engine Optimisation

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