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Social Media Optimisation

Using Social Media along side your traditional SEO strategy.

Alongside your traditional SEO strategy, Social Media can greatly enhance your effectiveness and boost those all important page rankings.
Many people don't realise that Social Media can help boost the number of visitors to your website. These visitors in turn can also help to boost the conversation about your products or brand.

Incorporating all or a combination of the following could help boost the effectiveness of your
SEO strategy :

  • Blog - Adding a blog to your website can be an effective way to constantly introduce new content to your website and keep your visitors or customers returning to your website on a regular basis. Your Blog will usually contain links to the articles you have written about or images that help to portray your message. Your blog does not always need to be heavily sales based. Informative blogs also help to establish you as a business or individual with specific skills or knowledge.
  • Web page content - Allowing people to link your web page content to Social Book Marking sites such as Delicious, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon can improve your ranking if undertaken correctly. Visitors to your site read and enjoy an web page, article or blog. The visitor can then add your web page to one of these Social Book Marking sites or alternatively add their 'vote' to the bookmark the page already has received.
  • Press Release sites or article repositories - If you are able to create Press releases, Articles or White Papers on a specific subject for which your business can demonstrate specific skills and knowledge these articles can be submitted to specific sites on the internet. These articles can then allow your observations, studies and advice to set you apart as experts in your field or industry. These articles should contain a link back to your website or blog where more information or advice can be obtained. If these articles are well written they will attract links from other websites or blog.
  • Social Conversation sites - Sites like Twitter and Facebook allow you to engage in conversations with your visitors and potential customers. The power of this can be demonstrated when employees of large companies make unfortunate remarks on one of their company's Twitter or Facebook accounts and it is almost instantly commented on in the media e.g. newspapers, TV or radio.
  • Professional sites and forums - registering yourself or your business on professional sites such as Linked In or specific industry related forums allow you to further build your reputation as an expert. They also allow you to engage in the conversations and respond with well written replies that contain your signature and all important web link. A well written profile on professional networking sites such as Linked In allow you to be easily found and for you to further engage in focused networking activities.

Before you immediately rush off to register accounts on every site, that we have mentioned here, or you can find by searching online please take a moment to read and consider the following.

If you are familiar with SEO you'll understand that it can be time consuming. If you have already begun a company blog or other Social Media activities you'll understand how time consuming they can be. Therefore we would recommend that you carefully consider what available spare time you have in your normal business day and your level of IT expertise and ability to write quality content or copy.
Your strategy need to be carefully considered prior to simply launching into it. If you are not clear about your objectives and how you intend to achieve them you may never reach your goals. Your articles and other messages may be confusing and potentially loose part of their impact and overall effectiveness.


Plan and understand how to achieve your goals.

If you feel that your business or organisation would benefit from using Social Media, we can help.
It can seem overwhelming when you begin to consider all the possibilities and reflect that against your available time.

We can help you plan and understand how to achieve your Social Media objectives.

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Social Media SEO

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