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Domain Names

To enable anyone to share a website with the rest of the world you will need both web hosting (somewhere to store the website online) and a web address to help you locate the web site
online ( correctly known as a domain name).
Webs For Everyone can help you by supplying you with both a suitable domain name and great web hosting. If you look around the internet it is very easy to find companies who supply these services at "bargain prices". Take care these self proclaimed bargains may not be as fantastic as you think they are. Our guide below may help you better understand how to look for quality domain names.
A poor decision or choice now could have a long term detrimental effect on your website or creating leads and opportunities.

Domain Names

You choice of domain name should ideally be your business name. Sadly many people are disappointed as they usually settle on a name for their new business, organise business cards and letter headed stationary and maybe livery on company vehicles and only give any thought to the web address when the company undertaking this work for them rings them to ask for confirmation of website address.

Since all domain names have to be unique, at this point it is very common to find that your preferred web address is not available and you then have to settle for a compromise. For Example if your business was called 'JS Summer Houses Ltd' I would expect your preferred web address to be available.
However if you were called 'Timber Summer Houses Ltd', you'd be disappointed to discover that has already been sold to someone else.
A compromise may be, however it may not have the same impact or be as instantly memorable as you would have wished it to be.

Careful consideration of your preferred web address prior to announcing the name of the company could offer a better all-round package regarding company name and web address.

Is there a difference between .com and ?

You will have noticed that some companies choose to be known as whilst others prefer From a business perspective there is not a great deal of difference.
A .com address is what we call a primary level domain name, this appear in all countries. Where as a is primarily related to the United Kingdom and a would be primarily related to France.
We feel it is personal preference whether you opt for a .com or domain name. In reality the choice can be simply down to what is available since all domain names have to be unique.

What else do I need to know ?

There are several things that you need to be aware of regarding domain name purchases.

  • Legal registrant - Ensure that you and no-one else is the legal owner or legal registrant of your domain name. Sadly it is still common practice for many broadband, hosting or web design companies to end up being the legal registrant of your domain name. This means they are the legal owner of the name and could transfer the name away or 'hold you over a barrel' as regards who you use for your web updates, broadband or hosting packages. We believe this practice is wrong and that only the business owner or other trustee should be the legal registrant.
  • Timescale - Usually you have the option to purchase your domian name for 12 or 24 months. Where possible, in the first instance we recommend that you always opt for 24 months. The reason for this is quite simple. Unless you are very lucky or extremely well planned you will probably find a few weeks or even months have elapsed before your website has evolved into the site you had in mind. Should this be a lengthy process you could find that you are renewing your domain name not long after you are first online. As unlikely as this sounds this not as uncommon as you many think.
  • Renewal reminders - You wouldn't want to overlook the renewal of your domain name and find that it had expired and your website was then suddenly offline. Worse still companies specialise in purchasing 'expired domain names' in the hope that they can sell them for fat profits. We can help you by reminding you that your domain name needs to be renewed a number of weeks prior to the expiry date, so that this situation never occurs.


For more information or for help in selecting or supplying your domain name, call or email us today - we'll be delignted to assist you.

Help and advice about domain names from Webs for Everyone

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