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eBrochures are attractive way to display your PDF documents. They can easily convert your 'flat 2D' electronic documents into an interactive 3D, page turning experiences for your clients and customers.
In short, they are so much more than a PDF ever can be !

We offer stunning eBrochures that are created for you quickly and easily, either from your existing PDF or from a newly created brochure design. There is a flat fee per page, we can also provide other extras like your company logo and a background colour. We can also integrate your eBrochure into your website.

The list of things that can be made into page turning brochures is almost endless.
Amongst them are these items:

  • Newsletters - you can make your Newsletters into eBrochures, very easily and quickly.
  • Manuals - these would be great as an eBrochure, you could have as many as your company needed. If necessary they can easily be stored in a library which allows the visitor to select the volume they wish to read.
  • Presentations - all our eBrochures can be embedded into your web site, quickly and easily making them perfect for an online presentation of your products and services.
  • Travel Guides -  imagine not having piles of travel brochures around, when you are trying to choose a holiday. Travel guides make an ideal eBrochure. There is of course an obvious Green angle too, think of all that paper you could be saving - not to mention lowering the cost of your print budget.
  • User guides - user guides can feature different aspects of your products and with easy links between the pages, you can walk your customer quickly and effortlessly through the guide to allow them to become more familiar with your product.

Other types of items that could be made into eBrochures include:

  • Digital Catalogues     • Company Profiles
  • Photo Collections and Art Catalogues     • Reference Materials
  • Case Studies     • eTutorials
  • Flyers   • Reports



eBrochures can be very beneficial to your business. They offer an online catalogue for your customers to see at any time of the day. Just imagine a customer rings up and requests a brochure, there would be no having to find the latest copy and then having to post it out. With an eBrochure you can email one over to the customer within moments of their phone call.

There are numerous benefits using an eBrochure as part of your business and website,
these include:

  • Free unlimited distribution     • No printing costs or postage costs
  • They are quick to download     • Online eBrochures can be easily updated
  • Quality     • Fully Customisable



Your website is packed full of possibilities, you can include text, images, video, animation and sounds. You don't want an eBrochure or online brochure that would limit you by not being able to offer any features other than static images and text.
Our eBrochures can be as feature rich as your website is, offering many opportunities for interaction with your customer and clients to promote your products and services.

There are many features that our eBrochures offer you over and above the traditional flat,
2D PDF document including:

  • eBrochures can contain most types of content     • Search the brochure contents
  • Linkable contents and/or index page     • Zoom facility
  • Link your email addresses and website pages     • Flipping page effect

Having read the above overview of eBrochures that are created for you quickly and easily, either from your existing PDF or from a newly created brochure design. When you contact us you'll benefit from our a flat fee per page, you may also wish to take advantage of other extras like your company logo and a choice of background colour or have us integrate your eBrochure into your website.

For more information about creating your eBrochure, call or email us today - we'll be delignted to assist you.


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