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Internet Services

These days many people expect far more from their online presence than simply using their site like an online company brochure. With the popularity of blogs, eBrochures and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, the web is bursting with activity. Much of this activity can be used by businesses to engage their customers and potential customers. Here are some of the Internet Services that Webs For Everyone can provide to help strengthen your online presence.

  • web hosting and domain names - A basic service but essential ! To enable anyone to share a website with the rest of the world you will need both web hosting (somewhere to store the website online) and a web address to help you locate the web site online ( correctly known as a domain name). Webs For Everyone can help you by supplying you with both great web hosting and a suitable domain name. Our guide may help you better understand how to look for quality web hosting and domain names. A poor decision or choice now could have a long term detrimental effect on your website or creating leads and opportunities. Read more
  • newsletters - Newsletters and promotional updates have become very common in our 'email inboxes' over the past few years as companies seek to keep us up to date with their latest promotions, new products and changes to regulations or other useful information. Many of us will acknowledge that communication is a key element of good management, and a company newsletter is a cost-effective, productive way to communicate. Company newsletters can be a great way to enhance your company's image — with the public, your customers and your employees. They can also a great way to increase your business. Read More
  • emails - If you decide to set up an email campaign or already have one, you need to make sure it is informative and has purpose or you could be wasting a great marketing opportunity!  Building up a contact list can often take time but it is definitely worth starting to build up contacts even if you are going to wait a while before commencing your email campaign. However you may have questions, many people are not totally sure whether they should opt for HTML or text based email, if they should track the email and what outcomes they will expect. Failure to see these things 'in the cold light of day' can lead to unachievable expectation from which there is only one way to go - down ! Read More
  • eBrochures - eBrochures are attractive way to display your PDF documents. They can easily convert your 'flat 2D' electronic documents into an interactive 3D, page turning experiences for your clients and customers. In short, they are so much more than a PDF ever can be !
    We offer stunning eBrochures that are created for you quickly and easily, either from your existing PDF or from a newly created brochure design. There is a flat fee per page, we can also provide other extras like your company logo and a background colour. We can also integrate your eBrochure into your website. Read more
  • blogs - A blog is usually written by one person and updated at regular intervals. Blogs can be written on a specific topic, although some blogs can simply be a collection of life experiences or discoveries. Many companies or organisations have a blog as part of their web pages. This type of blogging is usually slightly different as it forms part of your company website and is usually part of a Social Media Optimisation strategy. Read more
  • social media - Alongside your traditional SEO strategy, Social Media can greatly enhance your effectiveness and boost those all important page rankings.
    Many people don't realise that Social Media can help boost the number of visitors to your website. These visitors in turn can also help to boost the conversation about your products or brand. If you feel that your business or organisation would benefit from using Social Media, we can help.
    It can seem overwhelming when you begin to consider all the possibilities and reflect that against your available time. Read more


If you are think that any of the above service could enhance your website, blog or other online services then we'd be delighted to hear from you today. We are sure that very soon you'll be fully satified with your new services as are our other happy customers.

If you are interested in any of the above services call us today.


Internet Services

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