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Newsletters and promotional updates have become very common in our 'email inboxes' over the past few years as companies seek to keep us up to date with their latest promotions, new products and changes to regulations or other useful information. Many of us will acknowledge that communication is a key element of good management, and a company newsletter is a cost-effective, productive way to communicate. Company newsletters can be a great way to enhance your company's image — with the public, your customers and your employees. They can also a great way to increase your business.

What can a Newsletter do for me ?

A company newsletter brings your organisation's image before the public and brings your employees into closer communication with your firm's decision makers.
A well-written, attractively designed company newsletter promotes readership. Whether it's for your employees or strictly targeted to your customers, a newsletter effectively delivers your message to the right people. So, where do you start, and what do you want to say? You know that your company will benefit from a newsletter. You can see it now in your mind's eye — an attractive, well-written, informative publication.

  • Promote new products or services
    Your newsletter is a great way to notify people of new products and services, creating more interest and improving the chances of new leads.  There is also the possibility that recipients of your newsletters might pass it on to friends or colleagues generating more publicity for your products and services. 
    A newsletter is also an effective way of updating colleagues and 'sales prospects' on current news, changes to the company portfolio or other important company information.
  • Cost effective marketing strategy
    A regular promotional update or newsletter is a cost-effective method of marketing. 
    overall message in each edition of your newsletter can be in step with your latest promotions and new product offers. This allows you to attract attention to a new offer, announcement or competition in a simple and economical manner.
  • Create customer loyalty
    Frequent interaction with your customers and prospects can be difficult especially when budgets are tight and every team member adds to the overall salary burden of your organisations costs.
    A newsletter is a quick and effective way of staying in touch with them, keeping the communication lines open and developing loyal relationships.  We are not saying that a newsletter alone is always an acceptable way of keeping in touch with your customers. It should be used as a way to maintain relationships, within your customer retention strategy.

Planning the Newsletter

Here are some questions which need to be considered when planning a company newsletter project.

  • Who will write the articles ?
    You probably have little or no 'free time' in your working week. Your colleagues and employees will undoubtedly have other priorities, commitments and responsibilities during their working week.
  • Who will take the photos or choose the images for each article ?
    You may be surprised to find that choosing the images for each article and front / back covers can be very time consuming.
  • Who will design your newsletter, have it printed / published and distribute it / email it ?
    Post production, emailing an electronic newsletter, posting a printed newsletter can also be an extremely time consuming task.

Your staff members are skilled specialists chosen to fulfill their job descriptions, responsibilities and requirements. The interview / selection process you originally used may have not included creation and production of a newsletter! To produce an effective newsletter, you need a publication specialist, someone who knows how to accomplish your specific requirements.

We can help you fill the gaps!

Out sourcing your newsletter to Webs For Everyone has some great advantages for your business or organisation.  Here are some reasons why this strategy can be beneficial for you.

  • We have the skills you need !
    You may have found your team either didn't have the necessary skills, enough available time, correct resources to produce your newsletter or promotional update as regularly as you wish to product issues.
  • We partner with you !
    We can work with you and offer a package to suit your requirements. You may have the time and skills to produce the copy for your newsletter an nothing more. You may only have time to produce the headings and a rough draft of each article. You may suggest suitable images for each article or simply add a foot-note guiding us on the type of image you think would be suitable. What ever level you require, we can assist you.
  • Track the results
    Depending on the method in which you distribute your newsletter, it can be possible to check how many people are clicking the links and exactly which links they are selecting.  This is a great way to monitor what is of interest to your contacts and what isn’t so popular.  This is really important as you will be able to modify your approach to provide useful information and make sure the time spent on preparing your newsletter is worthwhile.

If you decide to set up a newsletter or already have one, you need to make sure it is informative and has purpose or you could be wasting a great marketing opportunity! 

After reading the above information, do you feel that your business or organisation would benefit from an attractively designed company newsletter promotes readership. We can help you target your customers with a newsletter effectively delivers your message to the right people. You can see it now in your mind's eye — an attractive, well-written, informative publication..... we're only a phone call away.

For more information call or email us today - we'll be delighted to assist you.

Newsletters from Webs for Everyone

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Distribution ?

This is another vital question to consider. How will the Newsletter be distributed? Two choices spring to mind and are largely dependent on the format of the publication.

An Electronic Newsletter could be emailed to your customers or propects, whilst a printed version would need to be posted.

Neither solution is wrong and both have an attached cost. The postal option is considerably more expenisve but may not be better at attracting a suitable return on investment / increasing sales opportunites.

Email has the added advantage that we can track the visitor as they navigate around the newsletter clicking on the promotions and articles.

For more information regarding email distribution please contact us today and we'll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Why use us ?


Creating and developing your monthly or quarterly could be much more affordable than you think.

Page turningincluded

To further enhance your Newsletter and make it stand out of the crowd, we can add our excellent page turning features to it. This helps to add a feeling of professionalism and extra quality to your publication.


We support you and are just a phone call away, can answer any questions you have and will never sub contract your work.
We can also arrange effective bespoke support packages to suit your requirements.



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