Blogging equals cash !

There are some ‘Get-Me-Rich-Quick’ schemes that will lead you to believe that blogging equals cash. Well it doesn’t, but before you click away from this blog - frustrated that you have not found the Golden-Blog-Goose you were looking for, hang about for a minute. There is good

Tell Me Your Problem !

It seems every Small Business owner or website owner has one problem or another relating to their activities online. It seems to them perfectly normal to have one problem or another. Sadly it is not uncommon for these issues to remain unsolved for a period of time. I guess

Stupid Wordpress, ##?!# AHHHH

Every day lots and lots of people just like you and me  feel the frustration of their WordPress Manager. Even though we all love our WordPress Blog Manager, some days it's not actually the WordPress Manager that is the problem!!  I think we'd both agree that

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  • Why bother blogging ?
    You may wonder why it is worth blogging at all…… surely you’d be better using all your time undertaking other online activities such as brushing
    Article compiled by steve
  • Sudden Surprises…
    Sudden surprises are all too common in business… maybe you’ve been spending your time working on a new project, product or service….. only to discover
    Article compiled by steve
  • IE 6 – when will it end?
    At the beginning of 2011 and having gone past the 11 year anniversary of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, the much hated web browser is still
    Article compiled by steve
  • SEO some basics
    Most of us have heard of the term SEO but what does it actually mean, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means it is
    Article compiled by steve
  • Three scraps their data limit for smartphones
    Mobile network Three has announced that its One Plan for smartphones will no longer have any data limits on it. Introduced in July, the One Plan
    Article compiled by steve
  • Google ramps up anti-piracy measures
    Google is introducing a range of measures to improve its policing of digital piracy, promising to respond to requests for the removal of material that
    Article compiled by steve
  • Get Safe Online week
    The campaign group called Get Safe Online has found that a quarter of people they questioned had received calls about their anti-virus software. They were being
    Article compiled by steve
  • Different browsers, which one are people using?
    This week a monthly report has come out regarding which web browsers people are using. While you may find that developers use Firefox for the
    Article compiled by steve
  • Samsung Galaxy can be pre-ordered
    The Samsung Galaxy can now be pre-ordered ahead of the 1st November release date. It is currently available on Amazon and Carphone Warehouse which are both
    Article compiled by steve
  • Background issues with Safari
    Are you running an older version of Safari on a Pc? If so, you might have found that when browser testing that  the background image is
    Article compiled by steve

Anyone who owns a website often has a question to ask, a problem to solve or some other type of enquiry about their website.

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