There are no trees on ‘The Cloud’ !!
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Cloud computing is an Internet-based way of working where users access applications through a web browser rather than hosting software locally on their own PC. The applications can be very simple, such as web-based email, through to more complex software packages.


What are the benefits?
For small businesses, there are many benefits to adopting Cloud Computing, particularly, the cost and flexibility.

Low initial investment
Cloud services usually offer a low initial investment or a free trial, allowing you to try the application and make sure that it does what you need, before you spend money. In contrast, traditional software needs to purchased and installed on your computer before it can be assessed, which takes time and money.


Software that grows with your business
You don’t need to pay for a large amount of software features that you don’t need. Cloud services tend to have several pay plans, allowing you to start with a basic package and roll out more services as your business grows and needs more sophisticated software systems. If you need more features, you pay more for them when you need them.

Reduce your spend on IT.
Cloud Computing services are hosted by the company supplying them, so there’s less need for you to have your own servers, software and dedicated IT support staff, which reduces your overheads, something that’s very important in the current economic climate.


Flexibility in working
Cloud Services are accessed securely through a web browser giving you and your staff access to vital business information anywhere, anytime, from any computer (MAC or PC). This makes implementing a flexible, mobile working system much more simple.

No need to worry about backing up your data
All the data you enter into a Cloud application will be..looked after by the service provider, so you don’t need to worry about having to back-up the data on your computer in case it is lost, damaged or stolen. Service Providers will…store your data in specialist “data centres”, where there is very low risk of it being damaged, and it is available for you to access whenever you need it.


There are no trees on The Cloud !
Since The Cloud is a digital environment, your company can reduce its carbon footprint effectively, something we are all encouraged to do. A virtual office allows you to produce less paper and means less printed emails or meeting minutes moving about the building.
By using eBrochures rather than printed sales material, suddenly you can apply the digital benefits accross your entire business.
Our eBrochures represent an extremely cost effective way to reproduce your sales material, which can then be distrubuted and read by millions of users without any of the Rainforest – or any other forest being destroyed in the process.
Did you know that one tree only makes 16 packs or 4 boxes of printer/copier paper ?

How many trees were destroyed this year just to make paper for your sales material that is still in your cupboard or has been discarded into landfill as unwanted by your potential customers and exisiting clients ?

Why not make your “Business Resolution” for next year to reduce the amount of paper used and dicarded and instead offer digital eBrochures.
You’ll be also surprised at how much cost saving you can make v a large print run…. then you’ll have made the company more profitable by helping to lower its overheads whilst “saving the planet”.


For once, truly a “win – win” situation.

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Part of this article was based upon an original article written by Andrew Mulvenna

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