5 Hot Tips you need to know about list building
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As a business owner especially in the current climate – you’ll know how important it is for your business to have a strong online presence.


It’s vital you understand the importance of getting your website listed within the search engines when relevant keywords are typed in. After all, most users do not look past page 1 so, if you aren’t there you are not harnessing the potential of the web for your company.
Of course it takes a fair bit of effort and understanding in order to achieve desired results andto master SEO.


Let our expertise guide you through the basics and help you kick start your SEO journey with Webs For Everyone.


Most Internet marketers walk a fine line when it comes to their e-mail marketing campaigns. While we can all vouch for the effectiveness of e-mail marketing, the tactics used in the list building process are sometimes questionable, if not downright unethical. Never fear – you can work around this and build a profitable list in less time than you think!


It took a lot of trial and error, but I found that there are a handful of things a marketer can do to build a successful e-mail list a little faster than most. Today I’ll share my five favourite tips – and they just so happen to be amongst the easiest I’ve used!


1. Design a squeeze page

A squeeze page is a marketing page that gives a little bit of teaser information about your product, services, newsletters, and giveaways. You’ll use this page to blatantly and shamelessly ask your visitors to leave their names and e-mail addresses in exchange for the information they’ve been looking for. Follow up with your promises and e-mail the information you guaranteed right away. Otherwise, your new prospects won’t trust you and will quickly remove themselves from your list.


2. Create an effective signature and always use it
At this point in your career you should be including a descriptive signature and a link to your website or signup page at the bottom of every e-mail you send. You’ll also want to set up descriptive signatures for use on message boards and forums. The more you tell people about yourself, the more interested they’ll be.


3. Start a viral marketing campaign.
Simply put, viral marketing means your information is being spread via word of mouth. If, for example, you send an e-mail offering a free gift or product, you might include a link at the bottom which makes it easy for your current subscribers to tell a friend or family member about the products you have available. That friend will join your list while at the same time sending the original message to her friends, and so on. Viral marketing is free and takes little more than a creative pitch.


4. Implement an article marketing campaign
Write a few informational articles and publish them in online article directories and ezines. At the end of each article you’re going to include a 2-3 line biography about yourself with a link to your web page. If your reader wants more information, he’ll have to go to your page and join your e-mail list.


5. Use strong keywords on your website
Most people find the things they are looking for after performing a simple Google search. Make sure that they find your website by using appropriate niche keywords within your website or blog content. Doing so will cause your web page to appear closer to the top of the search engine result pages!


These list building methods are tried and tested. Better yet, they’re free. Implement one at a time until you are able to determine which one is working best.
Are you willing to share your successful list building secrets? Leave a comment and tell us about what works best for you.


Webs For Evryone can help you build eNewsletters and co-ordinate the distribution of your eNewsletters and then provide data relating to the number that were read, unread, links that were clicked and so on.

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Parts of this blog entry, was taken from an original article by Sean McPheat

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