A competitor for iTunes!
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BSkyB’s digital music service, Sky Songs, is set to launch next week (October 19), as the broadcaster attempts to take on Apple’s iTunes and Spotify.

It has signed deals with the four major music labels EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal and Warner Music, as well as several independent labels which will allow it access to their music content.

Sky will use a subscription model whereby customers will be charged a monthly fee for unlimited access to over four million songs.

radio_2The model differs from iTunes where consumers pay per track and Spotify, which uses a free, advertising-funded model.

Sky chief operating officer, Mike Darcey, says its new service, which offers legal access to digital music, is a vital step in fighting illegal downloading.

“Our music partners bring an outstanding catalogue and unrivalled expertise that complements Sky’s strengths in content distribution. Sky Songs will reach out to consumers who want legitimate digital services offering choice, ease of use and great value,” he says.

Taken from an original article in Marketing Week by Camille Alarcon

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