Are your colours all mixed up ?
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If you find that your colours feel a bit mixed up and you struggle to know what to put with your primary colours to find an effective composition, then you may be in luck !

The Colour Scheme Designer could be just the thing you are looking for.

It has a neat user interface and is really simple to use, you simply select the primary colour you wish to use and then it’ll demonstate colours that tone with or work with your chosen colour.

Once you are happy that this is the colour scheme you are looking for, you can choose the expert HTML and CSS from the top menu and voila a new page open up. This page will display the colours complete with HTML hex codes that allow you to see your colours clearly. You can even view source and copy and paste the style information directly into your style sheet for easy reference.

Here are two images that should help illustrate what I have just been explaining.

Colour Scheme Designer

Colour Scheme Designer


The exported HTML colour scheme

The exported HTML colour scheme

Why not try out the colour scheme planner ? It is fun and one of those tools that you muck about with ‘just for fun’ and then oneday it you use it to choose colours or to give inspiration where you need to move outside of your usual colour choices.

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