Business advice company coming to Aylebsury
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The head of a new Business Doctors office in Aylesbury believes local firms can ‘benefit massively’ from its services.
Business Doctors provides support and advice to small and medium-sized businesses, from strategies for sales and profit growth to people engagement and help with accessing funding and financial support

Martin Vessey will head up the new office serving the Aylesbury area, bringing with him business experience from senior roles at GE, Apple and Tiny Computers.

He has also previously set up his own computer systems business, which he took from start up to a £20 million turnover in five years, while his business unit at Apple significantly increased turnover in the two years he was at the helm.

Aylesbury Business Doctors

Aylesbury Business Doctors

He said: “The success of Business Doctors in other areas shows that the founders, owners and directors of the UK’s 1.7 million SMEs can benefit massively from guidance and understanding from experts who take a personal interest in the health of their business.

“I am very proud to be bringing Business Doctors’ unique brand of friendly, hands-on support and advice to businesses in the Aylesbury area.”

Story taken from Aylesbury Business Herald

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