Quick guide to understanding CRM

What is CRM software?   CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a piece of software that allows people from within (and outside) an organisation to get a view of customer profiles, buying patterns and other useful customer-centric information. Its’ primary purpose is to facilitate a better understanding of the organisations’ customers’ from the […]

A Business Guide To Surviving Social Media

Whilst you and I were asleep one night, the business world apparently changed completely says Ed Stivala, who assesses the value of ‘keeping up’!   It’s frequently said that we all now need to be adopting social media in order to survive – let alone grow and prosper! In fact, it seems that if you […]

Twitter tweets are 40% ‘babble’

A short-term study of Twitter has found that 40% of the messages sent via it are “pointless babble.” Carried out by US market research firm Pear Analytics, the study aimed to produce a snapshot of what people do with the service.

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