Three scraps their data limit for smartphones

Mobile network Three has announced that its One Plan for smartphones will no longer have any data limits on it. Introduced in July, the One Plan originally had a monthly data limit of 1GB (itself, pretty generous compared to the competition), but as of today all limits have been removed, giving customers true all-you-can-eat data. […]

Google ramps up anti-piracy measures

Google is introducing a range of measures to improve its policing of digital piracy, promising to respond to requests for the removal of material that infringes copyright from its search service “within 24 hours”.

Get Safe Online week

The campaign group called Get Safe Online has found that a quarter of people they questioned had received calls about their anti-virus software. They were being cold called by people selling fake anti-virus software.

Different browsers, which one are people using?

This week a monthly report has come out regarding which web browsers people are using. While you may find that developers use Firefox for the developers tools, the general user still uses Internet Explorer.

Samsung Galaxy can be pre-ordered

The Samsung Galaxy can now be pre-ordered ahead of the 1st November release date. It is currently available on Amazon and Carphone Warehouse which are both offering the P1000 16GB Galaxy Tab for £529.99. This may sound expensive but they say it is a saving of £270 of the RRP.

Yet another iPad competitor

A new week and a new competitor for the iPad, how many more will there be? This week it is the turn of Blackberry  to announce their new tablet, called the Playbook.

More competition for iPad

In the follow up to Samsung and Toshiba tablets  launch, Dell are currently developing their own version. Dell already have a 5-inch tablet-smartphone on sale, the Dell Streak and the new one is a 7- inch tablet. This will also run on the Android OS.

Wi-Fi mobile app for BT Broadband customers

It was announced that BT has launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android mobiles that can automatically connect them to free, unlimited Wi-Fi. The app known as BT FON is only available to BT Total Broadband customers. It notifies users of the nearest Wi-Fi hot spots. Users will then be asked to enter their […]

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