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Windows Phone 7 has the Bing

Windows Phone 7 is on its way to the smartphone market. While it remains to be seen if it can really be a contender, particularly with Google’s Android taking off, it will put Bing front and centre for its users. In fact, the company will be making games a big part of the Windows Phone […]

‘Exploding’ iPhones investigated

French consumer groups are investigating reports of iPhones that explode or crack spontaneously. An 80-year-old from the Paris suburbs was among eight people who said their phones’ screens were affected, according to the AFP news agency. Consumers in the UK, Holland and Sweden have reported similar problems, prompting an earlier EU investigation. Apple said it […]

Microsoft to ‘smarten’ cheap phones

Microsoft has unveiled new technology that will allow standard, non-“smart” phones to run applications such as Facebook or Twitter. Designed for emerging markets, the OneApp software can be downloaded just like a new ringtone. Rather than an application store like those offered by many manufacturers and networks, OneApp will offer a standard set of apps […]

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