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Are you going to Windows7?

  Microsoft know you love Windows XP—after all, you’ve been telling them that for years. With Windows 7, Microsoft used your feedback to make things even better. From switching between programs to recording TV, Windows 7 simplifies the way you use your PC—and the way your PC connects with the world. Simplifies everyday tasks Windows […]

Increase Your Twitter Productivity

I suspect by now a large number of you are using Twitter. You may, however, be struggling to maximise your productivity, particularly if you are still relying on the Twitter web interface and the standard search function. So for all of you Twitter converts here are a few simple tools to help you to achieve […]

Is there never enough time in your day ?

Many of us are familiar with the all too common cry ….”there’s never enough time to “….. Webs For Everyone has a solution to your problem. Sadly we can’t make your day 26 hours long instead of the normal 24 hours. However we can help you to work smarter by introducing you to Manage It!

Anyone who owns a website often has a question to ask, a problem to solve or some other type of enquiry about their website.

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