Different browsers, which one are people using?
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This week a monthly report has come out regarding which web browsers people are using. While you may find that developers use Firefox for the developers tools, the general user still uses Internet Explorer.

New data compiled by Net Applications has shown that Internet Explorer 9 beta’s market share has increased throughout October, while Google’s Chrome has also continued to rise.

The web analytics firm said that Internet Explorer held 59.26 per cent of the market share in October, down from 59.65 per cent in September, followed by Mozilla Firefox at 22.82 per cent and Google Chrome in the third place with 8.47 per cent of the market share.

Internet Explorer’s market share was split into 29.01 per cent of users preferring IE8, 15 per cent using IE6 and 9.92 per cent IE7. Internet Explorer 9 beta had a global browser market share of 0.32 per cent, up from 0.25 per cent in September.

In a blog post, Microsoft said: “IE9 allows customers to take advantage of full hardware acceleration across the entire PC, and we’re already seeing many of our Windows 7 and Windows Vista customers adopting IE9 and getting the benefit of using your whole Windows PC.”

October saw Google Chrome growing past 8 per cent of the market share from 7.98 per cent in September, with Chrome version 6 being the most widely used version of the web browser.

Taken from an original article from IT portal .

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