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In these days where people are seaching for services and products prior to purchasing, if your website of out of date you may get overlooked.
Don’t worry, we can help with a low cost maintenance plan.

When we say low cost, we really do mean low cost (and no this is not a marketing ploy, it is our normal thing)
Call us for details or read on…

Webs for Everyone, situated in Aylesbsury, Bucks realises potentially unhelpful a website can be that is never ever updated.

In certain situations if your visitors are constanly seeing the same website, while knowing that you are now stocking other products or offering new services they may pass you by due to frustration.

We find that many people will look for products and services carefully, especially if they don’t purchase or require them often.
Most people who search online will look at two or three websites to ‘check out’ the marketplace prior to commiting to a purchase.

We think this has become more common, as people do not now have so much disposable income or maybe are just bieng more careful with it

If your website is updated it reflects that you see your website as a valuable business tool and the 24/7 face of your business, rather than just a ‘brochure site’ that is the same as it was back in 2007

If you would like to know more about updating your website, please contact us and we’ll spend time helping you undersatnd the opportunites that we can provide for your website

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