Flash monsters help to fill rainy days for kids
article compiled by steve

A flash website that was recently updated with major improvements could be just the thing for your kids during our great British Summer holidays..

Moshi Monsters is a great game that many children enjoy. The game designed by Mind Candy is well put together and is a good way to keep up maths and other skills during summer holidays.

The great thing from a parents point of view is that the daily challenge, that gains the child some Roxs (the local currency) is a combination of word, number and other puzzles. This is run against the clock. The more correct questions you answer the more Roxs you win. Also as you build up your ‘level line’ you move through from the first level to the sceonds, third and so on. At the end of each level you get a trophy. This helps with the sense of achievement as another reward for the puzzles (other than the Roxs).

Your monster lives in a room, these rooms can be fully customised by visiting Ukea, Horrods, Bizarre Bizarre. Like other ‘caring for pet’ games, you must feed the monster and tickle him (or her) to keep them happy.

MOnsters room

Monsters room

This room belong to ‘hairymatt’ who has filled it with a robot, dinosaur and so many other things I can’t keep track of them.

Each room also contains the necessary ‘Social Media’ tools, a friends tree and a message board.br />
Surprisingly these kids really know how to communicate with the message board. There is also a great competition to gather the most friends on your friends tree. Although I find this is more obvious when they play with school friends in real life, rather than on the message boards.

Navigation around monster land is simple thanks to a great map, which the kids just click on

Navigate around with the monster land map

Navigate around with the monster land map

As with many of these things there is the opportunity to become a ‘member’, for a fee. Certain areas of the map are off limits to regular ‘free accounts’ but my kids certainly have plenty of fun with the free account.

Big bonus if the puzzles keep them going and although a little help with one or two of them is sometimes required, on the whole it is a well put together site which is great fun for them

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