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I suspect by now a large number of you are using Twitter. You may, however, be struggling to maximise your productivity, particularly if you are still relying on the Twitter web interface and the standard search function. So for all of you Twitter converts here are a few simple tools to help you to achieve more in this world. Originally a PC desktop tool, Tweetdeck is now also available for the iPhone. It provides users with a wealth of features including its inbuilt URL shortener; the ability to group followers into different streams; operate saved searches and even integrate with Facebook. The tool also allows you to drill down into areas such as a person’s profile without visiting their Twitter page and retweet in two clicks. All from one simple interface. This is a tool that allows a business to operate Twitter accounts e.g. the main brand account, in a delegated way across the organisation. Multiple users can administer single accounts with individuals being nominated as being "on duty" at different times and receiving notifications to their email address when people are trying to talk to you on Twitter. You can even assign individual tweets to colleagues within your business for follow up, which is particularly helpful in customer service situations.


Backtype Connect We have discussed BackType before as it is a great way of monitoring comments on blogs. Backtype Connect goes further and monitors all the chatter around a particular web page. Take as an example our new video this link tweets shows you all the tweets that refer to the video as hosted on Vimeo. The great thing is that Backtype Connect is not thrown by all the different URL shortening services that exist but converts them into the full URL so it can track all relevant conversations. This makes it a really powerful way of tracking who is talking about particular articles or blog posts that you are interested in so that you can find relevant people to engage in conversation. If like me you need to be surgically separated from your Blackberry device then you will love Twitterberry. Recently updated it allows you to carry out all the key Twitter functions any time, any place, anywhere from your Blackberry. Check out my Twitterfeed and you will see that I make use of this myself on a regular basis. For business owners and others who often find themselves away from their office this application allows you to still engage in the conversation. Even The Terminator uses it!
If Even The Terminator Tweets, Shouldn’t You?


Taken from an original article by Adam Parker.
Adam Parker is Chief Executive of Realwire Ltd (formerly Webitpr Ltd).

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