Is there never enough time in your day ?
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Many of us are familiar with the all too common cry ….”there’s never enough time to “….. Webs For Everyone has a solution to your problem.

Sadly we can’t make your day 26 hours long instead of the normal 24 hours.

However we can help you to work smarter by introducing you to Manage It!

Manage It!, allows you to plan out your task and then communicate with your team (however large or small) to effectively ensure the jobs are done quickly and efficiently.


Remember the days when you were waiting for Bob to do a job and then tell you it was ready to progress to John ?

The problem with that approch is that when Bob forgets to communicate, you don’t know if the task has been completed or not.

With Manage It!, Bob does not have to type an email or report and then send it off. When Bob logs in to read the job specification, he does the work and then simply clicks ‘reply’ and types ‘all done’. After clicking save and logging off he’s done. Clear, easy communication. No need for long emails or an fuss.

Once Bob, John and their office manager have seen how easy Manage It! is to use we are sure that they’d use it all the time.


Manage It! is available to use for your projects or can be customised by us to include your company logo and specifics which relate more to the type of work you do than a ‘generic’ set of labels would do.

Please contact us and simply request more details and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

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