New Google Chrome Release
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Google has launched the latest beta of its Chrome web browser. This release includes bookmark sync.


"For those of you who use several computers — for example, a laptop at work and a desktop at home — you’ve asked for a way to keep your Google Chrome bookmarks in sync across multiple computers," explains Google.

"Today’s new beta release allows you to do just that! You can keep your Google Chrome bookmarks synchronized and up-to-date across the multiple computers you use, without needing to manually recreate your bookmarks every time you use a different computer."


"Once you’ve activated Google Chrome bookmark sync on each of your computers, any changes you make to your bookmarks will appear on all synced computers in just a few second (For those of you who are curious, this bit of magic is made possible by the same XMPP-based servers that power Google Talk)," the company says.


Google also says that this version is faster. Specifically, Chrome’s performance has improved by 30%, based on Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core tests. That is compared to the most recent stable release. It’s actually improved by as much as 400% since the first stable release.


Taken from an original article by Chris Crum

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