New speaker causes a stir in Aylesbury Vale
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Conservatives from throughout Aylesbury Vale are divided over the election of John Bercow to the Speaker’s chair.
Many now fear that he will not be able to carry out his constituency duties, while others say they don’t like the fact he was Labour’s choice.

However, in support of Mr Bercow, one county councillor said he is the right man for the job and he would be happy to address constituency casework on his behalf.

Aylesbury MP, who voted for Sir George Young during each of the three ballots, said: “I congratulate John on his election and wish him success in the awesome responsibility that he has now taken on.

“He and I share in John Hampden an inspiring predecessor who stood up for the powers of the House of Commons against an over-mighty Executive.

“If, today, we are to overcome public disaffection from politics, one of our key tasks is to show people that their vote does matter and that Parliament will be robust in holding Government – of whatever political party – to account for its decisions.

“The Speaker can take a lead in asserting the independence of the Commons from the Executive.

“I know that John Bercow is utterly committed to Parliament, and I hope that he will use his new office to help restore to the Commons its role as a formidable champion of the people.”

John Bercow

John Bercow

Taken form an original story written by By Richard Hartley-Parkinson

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