SEO some basics
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Most of us have heard of the term SEO but what does it actually mean, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means it is a way to increase the search engine rank of your website which could result in a higher page rank in the search engine results.

There are as you probably know, several internet search engines available, people do have their favourites and you use them in order to visit the website of your interest. Getting a high page rank can indirectly increase the volume to your website. Being listed higher can boost your business because they can find you more easily. SEO is based on the content of your website having keywords in.

The user then types a keyword, relevant to what they are searching for into the search engine which should then result in your website being listed for that keyword. There are other things that also help your SEO and these can include website presentation and website coding. Apart from the SEO aspect it can also be more appealing to the visitor.

If you think that your website could do with some SEO work please don’t hesitate to call.

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