Stupid WordPress, ##?!# AHHHH

Every day lots and lots of people just like you and me  feel the frustration of their WordPress Manager.
Even though we all love our WordPress Blog Manager, some days it’s not actually the WordPress Manager that is the problem!!  I think we’d both agree that the team at WordPress have done a good job with the Blog Manager.

The problem is really achieving the results you’re looking for.

Despite the number of blog themes, fantastic plugins and widgets sometimes it just doesn’t hit the spot you need it to.  I feel your pain, really I do.

I have been there as well….. everyone starts with no knowledge and learns to
do a new thing.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Matrix. One of the characters needs to fly a helicopter
to  save the lead characters life. She asks the controller for a knowledge upload – so she can fly the helicopter. Some days I wish I could get a knowledge upload like
in the Matrix !
It’d make solving these issues a whole lot more straight forward…. but it’d also make life very boring. Any how – back to reality !

I would like to help you solve your WordPress related issue.

I had no such help and really wanted it, without any help I had found myself saying :
“Stupid WordPress Ahhhhh” !!

Do you know what – there nearly was a PC shaped hole in my home-office window !!
I don’t know if you’ve ever felt frustration like that before ? I’m guessing you have.
You may or may not have been searching through the rafts of online documentations.

However when you have a problem and don’t know where to go, the online docs
just seem to weigh really heavy around your neck and make you feel worse (or is
it just me ?)
Anyhow, over the years I’ve learned so much about WordPress, that I’d really like the
opportunity to help you if you need assistance.

I’d love to chat about your problem and help point you in the right direction.

Simple really – you pick up phone, ring me, have chat and learn to love your WordPress Manager again !  Let’s call it  “I 8 WordPress No More”.

So if you hate WordPress right now, or are just totally fed up with it….. then you probably need to give me a call.

Simply fill in your details below and I’ll get in touch with you.


Here’s my WordPress problem Steve :

(please remember I am not a bank and have no funds to lend you , I am also
not in a position to offer legal, financial or employment advice !)

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