Sun, Sea, Sand and Bubbles….
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A new independent poll by Tesco Pet Insurance has found that Brits are putting their pets first as they plan their holidays. A quarter of dog owners in Britain have deliberately chosen a holiday in the UK over a holiday abroad so that their pet could go with them.

Leaving Bubbles or Fido behind in the kennels while they enjoy a summer break is not an option for 83% of dog owners and 12% plan to take their dog with them on the next holiday they take.

The UK’s Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) means that it’s now possible for pet owners to take dogs or cats abroad within the EU. Last year 46,500 EU pet passports were issued by the government to veterinary practices in the UK.

Tesco Pet Insurance is making it easier for their customers to take their pets on holiday, giving them peace of mind, with an optional extra of overseas travel cover. Overseas travel cover will help towards quarantine costs if a pet falls ill, cover if a pet’s passport gets lost and holiday cancellation cover if a customer’s pet is too ill to travel.

A Dogs' Holiday

For those planning on holidaying with their pets, there is lots to organise in advance and pets:
• Must have blood tests at vet
• Should be treated against tapeworm and ticks
• Must be fully vaccinated (especially against rabies)
• Must be microchipped
• Must have an up to date PETS passport
• Check the import requirements of your destination

Gillian Lewis of Airpets says, “It may seem a daunting prospect, with health checks and a flight but more than a million pets fly safely world-wide each year. Pets travel comfortably in the livestock hold of direct passenger flights in kennels large enough for them to lie, stand and turn around in. Pet owners can pick up their pets after clearing customs.”

Rachel Cutler, head of Tesco Pet Insurance says, “As a nation of animal lovers, it is telling that a quarter of us organise our holidays around our pets. We’ve provided cover because our customers have told us they would like to share their holiday experience with their pets.”

taken from an original story by Lea Pachta

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