Sudden Surprises…

Sudden surprises are all too common in business… maybe you’ve been spending your time working on a new project, product or service….. only to discover that someone else has pipped you to the post. They already offer the exact service you thought would be your next big thing. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been […]

SEO some basics

Most of us have heard of the term SEO but what does it actually mean, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means it is a way to increase the search engine rank of your website which could result in a higher page rank in the search engine results.

Google ramps up anti-piracy measures

Google is introducing a range of measures to improve its policing of digital piracy, promising to respond to requests for the removal of material that infringes copyright from its search service “within 24 hours”.

Different browsers, which one are people using?

This week a monthly report has come out regarding which web browsers people are using. While you may find that developers use Firefox for the developers tools, the general user still uses Internet Explorer.

Rivals for the iPad

Being unveiled at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, Samsung and Toshiba have both promoted their version of the iPad. Samsung’s tablet is called the Galaxy, it runs the latest version of Google’s Android operating system (Froyo) and the specs are as follows 

Google, same domain search results

Gooogle announced today that it has made a change to its algorithm that is supposed to make it easier to find multiple pages from a single site. “For queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain, like [exhibitions at amnh], we’ll now show more results from the relevant site,” says Google software […]

Google Image Search

Recently Google released its new design for Image Search. The new design includes a tiled layout with instant scrolling between pages. This has already drawn some inevitable comparisons to Bing’s image search, which is particularly interesting given Google’s overall more Bing-like user interface launched earlier this year. In fact, Google has been drawing a great […]

To Blog Or Not To Blog? Time Is The Question

Just imagine your business partner suggests writing a blog to add interest to your website. You think “that sounds good, I’ll have a go at that.” You sit down to write an article then you hit a stumbling block, what should you write about? The post really has to be relevant to your business but […]

Anyone who owns a website often has a question to ask, a problem to solve or some other type of enquiry about their website.

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