Top web hosting companies!

  To complete our mini-series on web hosting companies, we are today looking at the companies that have fulfilled our requirements.   We have used a number of different web hosting companies over the years. The following is a list of the web hosting companies that we feel would meet the requirements of most websites.

Web hosting the finer points!

  Continuing our mini-series about web hosting, this time we are looking at two key features of your web hosting plan, bandwidth and disk space. Let’s explain these key features in more detail and provide examples to help you decide the usage you could require and the implications of skimping on either of these features.

What does your web hosting package need to include?

Continuing our mini-series about web hosting, this time we are looking at the basic requirements to consider when choosing a website hosting package. As a minimum requirement in our opinion, your hosting company should provide you the ability to perform several basic functions. Beware that they don’t limit you to controlling your email or billing […]

Who owns your Domain name?

  We had previously stated that we were going to be looking at what you need from your hosting plan, how to select the best one for you to prevent your website being blocked as you have used all your “air time” for that month. However, we have altered the order of the articles that […]

What should you expect from a hosting company?

Anyone who owns or would like to own a website will need the services of a hosting company, unless you are fortunate enough to own and manage your very own webservers.

There are no trees on ‘The Cloud’ !!

Cloud computing is an Internet-based way of working where users access applications through a web browser rather than hosting software locally on their own PC. The applications can be very simple, such as web-based email, through to more complex software packages.   What are the benefits? For small businesses, there are many benefits to adopting […]

Anyone who owns a website often has a question to ask, a problem to solve or some other type of enquiry about their website.

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