Tell Me Your Problem !

It seems every Small Business owner or website owner has one problem or
another relating to their activities online.

It seems to them perfectly normal to have one problem or another.
Sadly it is not uncommon for these issues to remain unsolved for a period of time.
I guess this is because you can’t see the site 24/7. Running a business is a time
consuming task and unless the problem is serious enough to make your website
un-usable, like not sending contact form messages back to your office – you
probably overlook getting  it fixed !

Well stop right there, friend…
why not tell me about your problem and I’ll try to help you fix it !

This is your chance to ask me a question about your website
right now!

I am putting all my expertise at your disposal.This really is a
genuine opportunity for you to ask me a question about
your website.

I will give you as full an answer as I possibly can, suggesting a suitable solution for free.

Sounds like there’s a catch – doesn’t it ?

Well I’m going to have to admit there is a catch, you’re going to have to tell me your email address, the web address of the site with the issue and details of the problem.

Simple really.

In return please be assured that I have no interest in spamming you 24/7, there’s
no point.

Allow me to explain why. If I were to send you a never-ending stream of email messages you’d fist unsubscribe from all my emails, then you’d block me and lastly you’d report me as a spammer.
What possible reason would I have to deliberately want to be associated in your mind as a spammer. More importantly that makes me a liar and you’ll never trust me again!

That’d be a shame when I’m trying to help you solve problems and issues
with your website.


Now that all that is “behind us”,
go on tell me about your problem !

(please remember I am not a bank and have no funds to lend you , I am also
not in a position to offer legal, financial or employment advice !)

This is My Problem…

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