To Blog Or Not To Blog? Time Is The Question
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Just imagine your business partner suggests writing a blog to add interest to your website.
You think “that sounds good, I’ll have a go at that.”

You sit down to write an article then you hit a stumbling block,
what should you write about?
The post really has to be relevant to your business but you also want to make it interesting to other people, to keep visitors coming back to see what you have written.


After doing research into your article and then writing the blog entry, you reflect on how long the process has taken. You then begin to think “have I really this amount of time to take out of my working day?” If not how many times am I going to blog each week, when for a while it could only be a few people looking at what I have written.

But having said that, there are many benefits to be gained from writing a blog.


We know all to well how time consuming writing and managing our blog is but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some thoughts from Adam Parker, he suggests you consider the following five questions before launching into the serious time investment of writing a blog.


Have you the time
Here are some thoughts from Adam Parker, he suggests you consider the following five factors before launching into the serious time investment of writing a blog.


Do you enjoy writing?

This might sound obvious but it’s crucial. If you find writing a real chore then blogging probably isn’t for you. Personally I have gained a lot of pleasure from it, which is perhaps surprising given my accountancy background!


Do you enjoy reading?

Perhaps less obvious, but in actual fact this is even more important and should be where you start before you put pen to virtual paper. You are about to embark on a conversation in a community and so listening to what other people are saying is vital to ensure that you are being relevant and also because like conversations in the real world you may find great opportunities to develop ideas.


Have you got something interesting to say?

One reason I haven’t posted too many times is that I have tried to limit my posts to when I had something I thought was genuinely worth saying. Around one in three of my posts have actually required a significant investment in time for research and analysis that can be measured in days in some cases. But unsurprisingly it is these posts which have ended up receiving the highest readership. No pain, no gain.


Are you only going to talk about yourself?

While perfectly reasonable to some extent, I mean this is your blog after all; talking about yourself all the time in any situation is unlikely to maintain people’s interest – unless you are a celebrity. Try and limit the occasions you talk about business, and when you do, try and ensure they are still likely to be of some value to your community. A quick search confirms that I have mentioned RealWire in less than a third of my posts and only a handful are specifically related to us. Otherwise your subscriber figure may never rise much above friends and family.


Will you stick at it?

The benefits I stated at the beginning are unlikely to start to accrue for quite a while. For a long time you might feel like you are just talking to yourself and in this may in fact be true! Continuing to put the effort in when no one seems to be listening is potentially discouraging. But stick at it and you should find that your blog becomes a valuable addition to your online public relations activity. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.


Taken from an original article by Adam Parker.


Having said all this, the conclusions from this article are, having a blog is good as Google and other search engines visit your site more regulary as you have updated content. But do please remember if you are new to blogging you might find it easier to start of small, don’t try for the multi-blogging entries each day, go for once a week and then build up to daily entries.

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