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To complete our mini-series on web hosting companies, we are today looking at the companies that have fulfilled our requirements.


We have used a number of different web hosting companies over the years. The following is a list of the web hosting companies that we feel would meet the requirements of most websites.

We have based our list on the information that we have looked at over the mini series of web hosting.


These include:
Price, Diskspace, Bandwidth, Support services and where are the servers based.


Price from Bandwidth Diskspace Support
of Servers
Fasthosts £4.99 per month Unlimited 2GB live chat phone email UK
Blackfoot £40.00 5GB 500MB support ticket UK
Krystal hosting £24.99 10GB 250MB phone/support ticket UK
webfusion £47.40 20GB 1.5GB phone/ticket UK
1stforwebhostinguk £59.00 2000MB 200MB ticket UK
34 sp £3.95 per month 20GB 5GB live chat/ ticket UK
FastVision hosting £53.88 20GB 1GB ticket and phone UK
Poldings £25.00 500MB 50MB ticket and phone UK
Pixel Internet £19.99 Unlimited 1000MB ticket UK
Web Hosting UK £2.29 per month 5000MB 500MB ticket and phone UK

Prices correct at time of this article.


To find out more about any of these hosting companies click on the name of the company, most of them provide more than one hosting package. The ones listed on the list are the entry level packages.


In web related magazines it is common to find long lists of hosting companies than we have presented above, all trying to attract your attention.
As we compiled our list we also considered where the servers are actually based, not the fact that the company have offices in the UK.

On many SEO commentaries there is a consensus of opinion that if a person refines their search results by clicking “pages from the UK” then servers based outside of the UK may not be listed as high.

This has a potential knock on effect that your site may be then listed in “local searches” from the country that your server is in fact based in.
Therefore  we have focused specifically on those companies that openly declare that their servers are in the UK.


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