Why bother blogging ?
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You may wonder why it is worth blogging at all…… surely you’d be better using all your time undertaking other online activities such as brushing up your web page content, tweeting to your followers or sending marketing emails to your contacts.

All these activities are really good and really worth while, but blogging if you can
spare a little time is really beneficial as it creates fresh content on your site on a
regular basis.
Here’s four questions to ponder…

Do you enjoy writing ?

Have you got something interesting and engaging to talk about ?

Are you just going to talk about you and your “stuff” all the time ?

Do you have the time to invest in regular blogging ?


If you answered no to any of the four then it’s highly likely that you won’t have too much traffic on your blog for long, unless you’re a celebrity household name, are very funny or provide other insights through your text.

We previously wrote about this subject, you can read the full article here : To blog or not to blog – time is the question .



However that is not really the purpose of the blog article you are currently reading.

I have another question for you, which is simply this :

If I could answer one question you have about your blog or website right now, providing the solution through the text of the blog what would you ask me ?


Here’s my Website Problem Steve :

(please remember I am not a bank and have no funds to lend you , I am also
not in a position to offer legal, financial or employment advice !)

Here’s My Question…

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