Wi-Fi mobile app for BT Broadband customers
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It was announced that BT has launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android mobiles that can automatically connect them to free, unlimited Wi-Fi.

The app known as BT FON is only available to BT Total Broadband customers. It notifies users of the nearest Wi-Fi hot spots. Users will then be asked to enter their BT email username and password and you have the option of automatically being logged in whenever you are then in a BT Wi-Fi area.

This helps the customer prevent being able to have extra costs on their mobile phone bill.

Mike Wilson, manager of mobiles and broadband at moneysupermarket.com, said: “There are a lot of users who don’t know that they can use their bundle minutes away from home. The application even has a map that shows users exactly where their closest hot spots are. It’s a real asset to bundle users.”

The iPhone already offers a search option for Wi-Fi connections, as does Android. These are both included as a standard free function of the handset, but common problems arise as sometimes they can direct users to password protected hot spots and they are not always free.

John Petter, managing director for BT Retail Consumer, said: “This represents real value to our customers at a time when more and more people are using their mobile phone to access the internet.”

iPhone users can download the application from the app store (search for BT Fon) or by typing http://bit.ly/iPhoneBTFon into the iPhone’s browser. Android users can download the application from the Android Market (search for BT Fon) or by typing http://bit.ly/AndroidBTFon into their browser. BBC’s Children in Need appeal will receive 50p for each of the first 20,000 times the application is downloaded.

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