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RSS Feeds

What are RSS feeds ?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a data feed for providing users with frequently updated content. The RSS feeds are ideal for blog entries, news headlines and audio. An RSS document can include full or summarised text plus other details such as dates and authors.
To read a RSS feed you would need a RSS reader, feed reader or aggregator which are either web based or desk top based. News and promotional updates have become very common in our 'email inboxes' over the past few years as companies seek to keep us up to date with their latest promotions, new products and changes to regulations or other useful information. RSS allows you to feed that information directly to your visitors, customers and potential cuatomers without ever sending a single email or direct communication to them. It will probably just be a taster of the full story or promotion that they can discover more about when they contact you direct, or vist your website.

Why use RSS feeds for business ?

RSS feeds are an ideal tool to use for business, they can be used for many reasons including :

  • News Headlines - The main use of RSS, typically is to present headlines and a short introduction to "newsy" stories.
  • Upcoming Events - RSS is a great way to let people know of events and activities that may be happening soon.
  • Articles - Share your knowledge. This is a more "formal" type of writing, where you write a series of articles on a specific topic. Add a new article on that topic every week or so. Set up several topics and you've got several new RSS feeds to attract even more interest in what you know.
  • New Products - Have you an online store with new stock added regularly? Add details about your newly added items to an RSS feed to let people know your new products.
  • Newsletters - If you regularly produce an email newsletter, then consider converting it to RSS format as well as continuing to email it.
  • New Links - If you have a links directory, considering creating an RSS feed of the new links added to your directory in the last week or so. If you have a category structure within that directory, with links added often, you can create a feed for each category.
  • Ticker RSS Feeds - Do you have timely information, e.g. important stock figures, to communicate to your customers? Automate the process with software and RSS can feed new critical information on an hourly basis (or more frequently if needed). Note: Aim to have up to 15-20 items in each feed if possible. You can have more items if you want. Just remember that most feed reading software will NOT display all the items. Many may only show the first 5 or 10.

Once you've got your feed going, remember to submit your feed URLs to the various RSS Feed Directories to ensure that your RSS feed is seen by as many people as possible.


No Hassle set up

Webs For Everyone have created RSS feeds for our clients, and have installed RSS scrollers many times. We will help you identify the best data source to use and construct a good format for the RSS feed.
We are confident that we will be able to assist you to set up your RSS feed from your website and answer any further questions you may have. We aim to offer the best service and will be delighted to hear from you, whatever the RSS issue may be that you have with your blog or website.

Contact us today for more information or to find a great RSS solution for your business.


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