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What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a website that allows all its members to engage in 'Micro Blogging'. Twitter members create each 'Micro Blog' message using 140 characters or less. Twitter is not limited to a specific age group. I have heard Twitter ably described as 'Texting for grown-ups', which is quite a good way to begin to understand Twitter.

Each message or 'Tweet' is posted on your Twitter home page and can contain just a text message (without images), or a text message and a link. The link allows the reader to goto a web page where they can further understand your Tweet. When you register you are able to create a short 'Personal Bio', customise your home page background and so on.

As with many different Social Media sites, Twitter allows you to follow other Twitter members. By choosing to follow other Twitter members, their Tweets are also posted to your home page so you can read them quickly and easily, whenever they publish a Tweet.

On your Twitter home page, you'll see that you have the number of people you are following, also the number of people that are following you. These 'followers' have chosen to read your Tweets on their home page.

Twitter allows you to search for other Twitter members to follow. From a business perspective it is always a good idea to follow a mixture of people. Remember their Tweets will be displayed on your home page as well, therefore we recommend that you choose them with care. You probably don't want a glamour model tweeting on your homepage with links back to her website as this may not be the business reputation you are seeking to build. Therefore choose the people you follow with care. Also if someone is very prolific in the volume of Tweets they produce, you may not want to follow them either as your home page will be constantly full of their Tweets and nothing else.

When someone selects to Follow you, Twitter will email you to ask you to confirm this request. It is always worth checking who is trying to follow you. We recommend that you don't click on their web links, until you have read their Tweets and possibly their personal bio. After a little time on Twitter you'll soon spot who is not worth allowing to be a follower as a business. The above example can also be applied to this point. Those that Follow you could set the tone that other potential Followers may pick up on. As a business you need to reflect that every Follower could be a potential customer. The only difference here is that a fellow Twitter member can click on your Followers to see exactly who is Following you - further setting the tone of type of Follower your Tweets are attracting.

Messages are viral and can be Retweeted by other Twitter members, pushing your information or web link further to new audiences who are not directly following your Tweets.


Why use Twitter for business ?

As Twitter has developed in the past 3 years it has grown unbelievably fast. Many businesses small and large have been attracted to Twitter to publicise their activities to the masses. Your Tweets can attract potential new customers to your web page or blog article.

Many people think that Twitter will instantly provide them with an unending audience and 'more new customers than they can shake a stick at'.
They are shocked and usually disappointed to find that this illusion is totally shattered quite quickly.
Having said that Twitter is a very powerful way to get in touch with your potential customer. By sharing information immediately via Twitter, you can greatly reduce the time it would have traditionally taken for the same information to reach the grass roots and converted into opportunities to grow sales.

Twitter can also be used very effectively to drive traffic (visitors) to your website or blog page.

Twitter provides :

  • a cost effective way of marketing and advertising your business, especially for new businesses
  • a level playing field in which new and established businesses have the same opportunities - limited only by their effectiveness and the volume of people who read their Tweets or visit their page links.
  • a quick way to publish company news, information about new products and 'Press Releases'.
  • a good way to build up brand loyalty as you grow the number of people Following your Tweets.
  • a good way to run different campaigns targeted at different people groups or potential customers.
  • a different way to repeatedly attract different people to your web page using a single approach.

The above is not an exhaustive list, and is simply to indicate a few ways that Twitter can assist your business.


No Hassle set up

WFE can help you set up your Twitter account, produce you a themed Twitter background that matches your website or answer any further questions you may have.....


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